Terms and Conditions


The use of an access chip is required to gain access to the sports center and is reserved for authorized holders and persons (a User); it being understood that the sports center includes, among other things, the sports field (e.g., skating rink, basketball court, etc.), the outdoor sports area, the indoor gym and the classrooms. In the event of fraudulent use, access will be cancelled without refund. Each User understands and accepts that loss or breakage of any access chip will be billed. Acceptance of the Rules and Regulations is mandatory for any User; it being understood that any person accessing the sports center is considered a User (e.g.: persons accessing the sports center via the online reservation platform).


The manager of the sports center commits to adequately maintain the facilities and equipment to ensure a safe environment for all. This may result in temporary interruptions of services or access to specific areas or equipment in the sports center.


The User agrees to respect the hours of operation, which may be modified without prior notice by the manager of the sports center. All Users agree to respect the time slots and reservations for any activity offered by the sports center manager. It is the User's responsibility to register for activities offered by the Sports Center Manager via the Fliip application or the Sports Center Manager's website, if applicable.


The Sports Center Manager offers a sports experience in the workplace for all employees in the building's offices, as well as for those who make reservations on the Sports Center Manager's website. Each User makes this sports experience enjoyable for everyone by showing consideration.


The User agrees to :

  • Respect the instructions of the staff and representatives of the sports center manager;
  • Use respectful language with everyone;
  • not to adopt aggressive, hostile, or threatening behavior, or physical or verbal aggression under any circumstances;
  • return equipment to its proper place after use; and
  • arrive on time for group activities.


The User agrees to :

  • maintain proper personal hygiene;
  • Use a clean towel in the sports center;
  • clean the equipment / benches after use with the disinfectant spray and paper towels provided; and
  • not to bring any food or beverages into the sports center, with the exception of sports drinks and water in a resealable, unbreakable bottle; glass containers are not permitted.




Sportswear is mandatory to use the facilities at all times in the sports center (ex: t-shirt, tracksuit, exercise tights and appropriate sports shoes). Outdoor shoes are not permitted inside the sports center.


Locker rooms are mandatory for changing. Each User must leave his/her bags (including training bags), coats and boots in the locker room, avoiding leaving valuables there. Each User must vacate the locker after each activity; it being understood that the lockers are for one-time, daytime use only. The locker must be locked when in use. The Sports Center Manager reserves the right to cut the locks without notice or compensation.


The use of cell phones for any verbal conversation is prohibited in the sports center. The taking of pictures and videos is forbidden in all facilities, unless expressly authorized by the sports center manager.


Lost and found items may be kept by the Sports Center Manager's staff for a period of one month, after which they may be disposed of without notice; it being understood that the Sports Center Manager will not be responsible for such items.


Only private trainers authorized and certified by the Sports Centre Manager may provide private training sessions in the Sports Centre. The use of the services of a trainer external to the sports center manager's team is therefore prohibited and could result in the temporary or permanent exclusion of the User, if applicable.


Each User accepts and understands that it is his/her responsibility to consult, as frequently as necessary and before using the sport center, the sanitary measures put in place by the governmental authorities of Quebec and Canada in order to limit the propagation of any exceptional situation and to comply with them at all times, and also to follow and comply with any directive posted in the sport center, which may be modified without prior notice (e.g.: register via the platforms to have access to the sport center and activities, maintain a distance of 2 meters, wear a face cover when using the sport center). The Sports Center Manager and Building Owner make no warranty or representation that the Services will be protected or that they will detect the presence of, or eliminate, treat or mitigate the spread of the transmission or outbreak of any pathogen, disease, virus or other contagion, including COVID-19.

Each User voluntarily assumes the risk that he or she may be exposed to or infected by the transmission or outbreak of any pathogen, disease, virus or other contagion, including COVID-19 as a result of his or her presence on the Sports Center Manager's site, participation in a Sports Center Manager's course or activity, or contact with any person who has accessed the Sports Center Manager's site or participated in a Sports Center Manager's course or activity.


a) Rules

Any person under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Any user of the sports center must arrive 30 minutes before the start time of the reservation to have access to the room, if applicable. All Users must leave the building no later than 20 minutes after the end of the reservation.

In case of reservation via the website, the person making the reservation is responsible for all members of the group accompanying him/her and for their actions during their presence on the sports field and in the building (e.g.: in case of theft, abuse, damage to furniture or accessories in or around the building, in case of non-compliance with the Rules and Regulations, in case of non-security, in case of consumption of drugs or alcohol, etc.); it being understood that such person undertakes to pass on the Rules and Regulations to any member of the group who will enter the building

At all times, on the sports field, it is strictly forbidden to

sit on the edge of the board;
drink, eat, chew gum or smoke on the sports floor;
throwing objects on the ice; and
be on the ice while the ice resurfacer is in operation.

In addition, the wearing of protective equipment necessary for the safe practice of the sport is mandatory (helmet, visor, pads, etc.). The manager of the sports center reserves the right to interrupt or cancel a reservation if the employee in charge believes that the protective equipment of the players is not in conformity with the safe practice of the sport.

Failure to comply with these rules by any individual(s) participating in the activity will result in the immediate cancellation of the reservation, without refund.

b) Payment and cancellation policy

By making a reservation for the sports center via the transactional platform used by the manager of the sports center, the User agrees to:

  • Pay the full amount of the rental fee at the time of booking on the transactional platform
  • Pay the full amount of the rental fee at the time of reservation on the transactional platform used by the sports center manager;
  • The rental of the sports center is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-monetizable. The reservation can be modified if the user contacts the manager within 7 days before the reservation date. The reservation can then be moved to a later date during the current season. After this period, the reservation cannot be changed.
  • The manager of the sports center reserves the right to cancel a reservation and to reimburse the payment in full or in part in case of bad weather, equipment breakage or any other situation affecting the safety of people or the quality of the facilities, including the ice.
  • As the sports arena is an outdoor arena that is not covered, the temperature may vary during the reservation. This reason does not give the right to a refund or postponement of the reservation in court.


The payment of reservations and subscriptions is made by credit card only, directly on the reservation platform used by the manager of the sports center. The transactional solution used for the management of payments guarantees the security of the banking data collected during the registration.

In the case of a refund request, a written request must be made by email to the sports center manager at fit@fabrik8.ca. Once the refund is approved, the amount will be deposited in the User's account within 5 to 8 working days.


The User understands and agrees that by using the fitness facilities and equipment, or by registering for classes and activities offered by the Sports Center Manager, he/she is participating voluntarily and at his/her own risk, subject to the provisions set forth in the Rules and Regulations. While the Sport Center Manager's employees, trainers and contractors make every effort to minimize exposure to known risks, the Sport Center Manager recommends that all Users consult their physician before participating in any of its classes or activities, or using its fitness equipment and facilities.

The manager of the sports center will not be responsible for any physical damage resulting from the use of its equipment and facilities or as a result of the User's activity and disclaims all responsibility for injuries.

The User assumes full responsibility for any damages and hereby fully releases and discharges the Sports Center Manager, the building owner and their officers, directors, agents, employees, instructors, subcontractors, and agents from any and all liability for any damages.


The manager of the sports center or the owner is not responsible for the destruction or damage to property belonging to or in the possession of the User, and does not assume any responsibility in cases of accident, theft or vandalism.

The manager of the sports center reserves the right to interrupt or counter-mandate any event that could degenerate into disorder, without compensating the User.


By using the facilities of Fabrik8, any User agrees that his personal data is processed and specifically consents to the collection, systematization, aggregation, storage, review (update, modification), use, anonymization, blocking, deletion and distribution (transfer) of such personal data to third parties for the sole purpose of providing a quality service to members and users.


The User acknowledges that the rights granted to him/her under these terms and conditions cannot be assigned or transferred. The User has read, understands and accepts the provisions of these conditions on the limitation of liability and the regulations of the manager of the sports center and building owner. Failure by the User to comply with the Rules and Regulations may be grounds for restricting or prohibiting access to the Sports Center and/or one or more activities offered by the Sports Center Manager. Repair costs will be charged in the event of damage or breakage caused by deliberate vandalism or extreme negligence on the part of any User. The Rules and Regulations and any other guidelines or rules are subject to change without notice, and the User agrees to abide by any future updates.


Our company is committed to maintaining a respectful and professional sales environment for all our customers and employees. We do not tolerate harassment in any form, whether from our employees or customers.

Harassment is defined as any behavior that has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive atmosphere that harms a person's dignity or reputation. This may include inappropriate comments or behavior, unwanted sexual advances, threats or insults, racist or sexist remarks, or any other behavior that violates a person's dignity.

If a customer is found to be harassing any of our employees, our company reserves the right to take appropriate action, including immediate termination of the sale and prohibition of any future purchases from our company.

If an employee is the victim of harassment, it is important that he or she report the incident immediately to a supervisor or to management. We are committed to treating all reports of harassment seriously and taking appropriate steps to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of our company.

We are committed to providing a professional and respectful sales experience for all our customers and employees, and we take harassment very seriously.

Last updated: May 3, 2023